How does the Transformation Challenge work?
This is a 4 week challenge which you can start when you are ready and motivated, there are no annoying waiting times for start dates here. When you're ready, we're ready for you.

On the first day of the challenge you will meet the instructor who will explain everything you need to do. You'll then receive our transformation pack along with the full support of the Evolve team to guarantee you see results.

The pack includes the following:
  • Unlimited access to all our training sessions and venues.
  • The Evolve nutritional guide crafted to smash bad habits, increase your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine.
  • A weekly food and activity diary to fill in and submit for review. This keeps you accountable and on track.
  • A library of healthy, tasty and easy-to-follow recipes to keep your meals enjoyable and diet maintainable.
  • A shopping list of acceptable foods to buy.
  • Access to the Evolve group Whatsapp chat and social media groups for 24/7 assistance and encouragement.

This is ABSOLUTELY NOT a crazy diet, a quick fix, a miracle cure or the latest celebrity fat melting plan you've just read about in your local hair stylists magazines. It takes preparation, it takes motivation and it takes willpower, but it works.

How many times a week should I train?

To see great results you should commit to at least 3 Bootcamp sessions a week and/or supplement with additional workout/exercise of your choice.

Ready for the clichés...........A 1 hour workout is just 4% of your day, someone busier than you is working out right now. Seriously though - Plan ahead, prioritise and leave the excuses at the door.

What will I eat?

Easy! Follow the nutritional guide and recipe library 100% - No cheating for the 1st month, the results will definitely be worth the sacrifice.

What if I miss a class?

Don't worry, we've got you covered! with 7 sessions throughout the week you can make up the sessions when you have time. Alternatively if you can't make the sessions ask your trainer to send you a home workout.

What can I expect from the sessions?
The workouts are designed for all fitness levels but will be challenging, even hard at times but never impossible.
The programme is coached by friendly, encouraging Personal Trainers who don’t believe in shouting and screaming at you to get great results. 

  • The sessions are fun and social to keep you motivated and looking forward to your next class.
  • We'll inspire you to enter local fitness events such as fun runs, treks or charity events (which are completely optional but great fun and awesome for goal setting).
  • We'll organise monthly social events to make you feel part of the Evolve family e.g. restaurants (healthy options of course), bowling, go-karting or whatever the group agrees will be fun.

I'm interested, but i'm not sure I have the budget!

It's amazing how much the small pleasures in life add up over the course of a month. We always tell our clients to add up how much they spend each month on coffee shops, alcohol, cigarettes, takeaways, fast food and fashion. It usally adds up to well in excess of £100.

Sacrifice these for 1 month and take up the challenge - the change in your health, mood and appearance will be more than worth it.

Okay, I'm ready to start my Transformation, how do I join?
Simple, just fill in the registration form below and one of our team will give you a call back to organise your FREE TRIAL sessions. Alternatively just turn up 5 minutes early to any of the sessions and the trainer will get you started.